Stuart J.M. Collinson, PhD

Forward Ventures

Dr. Collinson has been a member of our Board of Directors since March 2017. He currently serves as a Partner at Forward Ventures, a venture capital firm. Previously he was Chairman and CEO of Aurora Biosciences. Dr. Collinson is currently a Board member of Tioga Pharmaceuticals from 2005 and Arcturus Therapeutics from 2014. He was a Board member for Affinium Pharmaceuticals from 2007 to 2014, Oxagen from 2001 to 2012 and Vertex Pharmaceuticals from 2002 to 2011. Dr. Collinson held senior management positions with Glaxo Wellcome from December 1994 to June 1998, most recently serving as Co-Chairman, Hospital and Critical Care Therapy Management Team and Director of Hospital and Critical Care. Dr. Collinson received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Oxford, England and his M.B.A. from Harvard University.